Ranch activities


Activities for Ranch Vacation, Texas Style

Humvee Tour
The Mountain and Ranch Tour of our Texas Resort is our most popular activity. The mountain tour is a spectacular tour with breathtaking views from on high and visits to lovely ecological niches like Cibolo Creek, Carrizal Springs, Native American rock art, and abandoned rock houses and ruins. In addition to the spectacular, stunning scenery, you should encounter many of the wildlife species that abound in the region. We have 30,000 acres, so there’s a lot to see.

Fort Tour
La Ciénega Fort and La Morita Fort Tours: Cibolo Creek Ranch consists of many square miles that were once dominated by three old, historic adobe forts that date from the 1850s. Our guided tour illustrates the historical, cultural, and architectural features of these restored structures and their grounds. Besides the easily accessible main fort at Cibolo, you are welcome to visit the other two historic adobe forts on the ranch at La Ciénega and La Morita on your own. We will provide you maps and keys in the ranch office, and even fix you a lunch if you desire. There is no charge if you go on your own.

ATV Tour
ATV (four-wheeler) tours can be arranged for guests who are licensed drivers and at least 16 years of age. ATVs are a fun way to see some of the sights on the ranch.

Horseback Riding
We guide a variety of horseback excursions through the mountains, mesas, and canyons of the ranch. Most of our trails originate from El Cibolo and typically require a couple of hours. Longer rides and personalized itineraries can be arranged through the ranch office.

Spa Services
Cibolo Creek has a small, but well-appointed, fitness facility. We have a wide variety of exercise equipment as well as free weights and cardiovascular machines. Afterward, you can relax in our hot tub, sauna, and whirlpool. Our expert massage therapists give luxuriating massages and facials in our two massage rooms. Massages and facials can be arranged with prior notice through our staff in the main office.

Star Parties
The stars at night are truly spectacular in West Texas. Our 12″ Meade telescopes at El Cibolo and La Ciénega allow exceptional views of our vast Big Bend skies. Please visit our office to schedule viewings and arrange for one of our staff to guide you through the evening skies.

All of the roads and horseback riding trails are accessible on foot and dozens of miles of smaller trails also are available for your excursions. The ranch office will provide maps and ensure that you are properly equipped with a small radio and other essentials.

The domestic livestock and wildlife you may see include:

  • Texas longhorn cattle
  • American buffalo
  • Camels
  • Mules and burros
  • Mule deer
  • White-tailed deer
  • Carmen Mountains white-tailed deer
  • Elk
  • Aoudad
  • Coyotes
  • Black bear
  • Javelinas
  • Mountain lions
  • Bobcats and ringtail cats
  • Turkeys
  • Golden eagles
  • Peregrine falcons
  • Hawks
  • Owls
  • Roadrunners
  • Doves
  • Scaled, Gamble’s, and Mearns’s Quail
  • Chukars
  • Pheasants
  • Over 500 other species of birds
  • 18 species of bats

Our Texas Vacation Resort Activities

The lake at El Cibolo has been stocked with largemouth bass, catfish, and perch for catch and release fishing. We can provide you with casting, spinning, and fly rods, as well as an assortment of lures.

Paddle Boats
We provide paddleboats for use on the lake at El Cibolo so that our guests may float along the shore while admiring the mountains and, perhaps, do a little fishing.

Mountain Biking
One of our more exhilarating activities is biking through the mountains on our rugged two-wheelers. There are more than 100 miles of roads and trails on the 30,000-acre ranch that beckon the adventuresome. Not all of the tracks are steep, so everyone, regardless of physical ability, can participate. We will be happy to prepare picnics and provide beverages.

Target Shooting
El Cibolo offers both clay target and fixed target shooting for shotguns, rifles, and pistols. We have a wide variety of arms that will please everyone from beginners to accomplished enthusiasts.

Bird and Bat Watching
The Big Bend is renowned for the large selection of birds and bats that reside here or migrate through the region. More than 500 species of birds have been sighted in the area, ranging from eagles and turkey buzzards to the unusual Mearns’s quail and the brilliant vermillion flycatchers. Our airborne creatures also include 18 bat species that frequent the Big Bend and help rid us of flying insects.

Customized Activities
Upon request, we arrange cowboy singing at fireside and lectures on the flora and fauna of the region. With the assistance of nearby Sul Ross University, we can meet other entertainment and educational requests with sufficient notice.

Indoor Activities
Besides conversation, exceptional dining, and fine wine, our guests enjoy the libraries and museums at El Cibolo and La Ciénega, satellite television in the public spaces, and our playing card and billiard tables. El Cibolo provides a guest office with telephone, computer, and Internet service. Wi-Fi is available in the public areas. Fax service and copiers are available in our main office.

South Texas TV
Each evening at the forts, we light the campfire in our “South Texas TV” to encourage guests to gather around and participate in lively conversation. The South Texas TV got its name decades ago, before TV service in rural Texas, when campfires were the only means of nighttime entertainment for cowboys, bird hunters, and their pals in the remotest regions of the state.

The lake at El Cibolo has been stocked with bass, perch, and catfish for a catch-and-release program.

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