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As we are 15 miles from the Río Grande, our region is strongly influenced by Mexican culture and traditions. At Cíbolo Creek Ranch, we prepare international gourmet meals based on ancient Mexican cooking traditions. The meals our executive chef designs follow the culinary influence of Patricia Quintana, Mexico’s most famous chef. Sra. Quintana has developed a gourmet cuisine based on the rich, diverse gastronomic traditions of her country’s ancient cultures, enriched by a culinary fusion with traditions from other continents. The results are elegant, delicious meals with a regional flair.

The freshness and originality of the produce, meats, and spices is critical, but it is our culinary creations that keep many of our guests coming back. Some of our signature dishes include Cumin Steak, Pork Loin in Guava and Plum Sauce, Chicken with Almond Mole, Squab Jalisco Style, and Quail in Oaxacan Black Mole. Among our desserts are Tres Leches Cake, Viceroy’s Cake, and delicious homemade ice cream. See our Recipes tab for the recipes.

The fare at Cíbolo Creek Ranch has been featured in publications including Travel+Leisure, Food & Wine, Gourmet, and many other magazines, newspapers, and television shows. Marfa Guest Ranch.

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