Body treatments


image_spa03Splurge with one of our soothing body treatments. All of our body treatments include a gentle, exfoliating dry brush treatment, a comforting scalp and facial massage, and a soothing application of customized moisturizer.

Desert Rain
Your luxurious treatment begins with an application of chaparral-infused jojoba and shea butter and a warm cocoon wrap. Chaparral, native to our Chihuahuan Desert, releases an intoxicating aroma after a rain and has been used for centuries for its healing properties. A wonderful, relaxing massage with infused jojoba concludes your desert journey. 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Wrap
A fragrant, restorative treatment for the skin and senses, jojoba, rooibos, and shea cream are the base for this treatment, customized with essential oils. Choose from Stress Relief, Sports Blend, Detoxifying, or Refreshing. 60 minutes.

Body Polish
Our exhilarating polish blends shea butter, sea salt, and essential oils to provide an optimum exfoliation and hydration experience. A wrap is included to enhance the absorption of essential oils and minerals. 60 minutes.

Sole Soothing Ritual
A warm footbath infused with essential oils and sea salt begins this treatment that also includes an exfoliating scrub, a hydrating masque, and lower leg and foot massage. 60 minutes.

In order to provide superior service to our guests, we request spa reservations for body treatments be made in advance.

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