Health and Wellness

Cibolo Creek Spa

Relax during your stay with a massage in the comfort of natural Cibolo Creek. Ayurvedic, Deep Tissue, and head/neck/facial massages can all be booked with the link below and enjoyed in the comfort of your room.

Yoga and Meditation

Shake off the demands of life with Yoga and Meditation sessions – open to all and taught by Diana Wassef, the co-founder of Cremona Studios, and her husband Patrick.

Diana is a certified instructor who has practiced yoga since 2012 and has over 500 hours of formal training. She has led yoga classes and retreats worldwide, including in New York City, Egypt, Lebanon and now classes at Cibolo Creek Ranch. Patrick is a tea and Zen practitioner providing tea ceremonies in the desert. He has trained in various Zen monasteries, trained intensely in aikido for six years and has studied tea in Taiwan, China and Japan.

A 48-hour notice is required to secure your spot. Classes are fully pre-paid and non-refundable. 

Yoga and meditation are available for private events and weddings upon request.

Yoga for All led by Diana Wassef  @cremona_studios 

Nourish your body and mind with restorative movement and breath-work in a 60-minute class. We’ll start our practice with gentle and dynamic movements to warm up the body followed by long passive poses. Perfect for beginners, experienced practitioners and sore bodies alike, this practice builds strength, increases flexibility and instills a deep sense of relaxation and encourages a free flow of energy throughout the body.

Yoga followed by Tea Ceremony led by Diana Wassef & Patrick Manian 

Imagine 45 minutes of relaxing yoga poses as you let go of tension and stress in the body while enjoying the astounding desert scenery. Yin is a slow-paced yoga perfect for beginners, experienced practitioners & sore bodies who crave a deep relaxation. This practice stretches the connective tissues, breaks up blockages and encourages a free flow of energy throughout the body. Yoga is followed by a 45-minute outdoor tea ceremony with Patrick. A tea ceremony is an opportunity for us to bring tea from the level of an everyday beverage towards a deeper, intimate meeting with nature, ourselves and each other. This tradition comes from China and Taiwan and is defined by drinking a beautiful, rare tea in a ‘tea stage’ which is a curated space meant for that day’s tea ceremony. After drinking three cups of organic tea in silence we close our time together with time to converse, share our experiences and connect.

Meditation & Shinrin-yoku led by Patrick Manian

This class begins with a meditation class for beginners in posture, breathing and mental practices to help with focus, reduce stress and cultivate deeper connection with ourselves. This is followed by a slow mindful hike that invites you to be silent and connect with the elements inspired by the Japanese concept Shinrin-yoku. We will walk the 1.7 mile round trip path along the Cibolo Creek.


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